Keep Business Cash Flowing Smoothly With No Extra Effort

Nearly all businesses rely on smooth cash flow to keep things running. However, we know that the average number of days for payment of business invoices sent out by QuickBooks is 60 days. That is totally unacceptable and these slow payments cause a bottleneck in most company’s finances. In fact, this cash flow issue can stop your business from growing and thriving, leaving you without the funds for payroll or supplies. It can also keep you from adding personnel, equipment, or even additional branches. Instead of getting financially strapped, consider using Late Fee Manager for automated accounts receivable that shorten the length of time until you get paid.

When customers are late it’s not only inconvenient but extremely awkward to make collection calls to your clients that you want to continue doing business with for the long term. On top of the awkwardness, it takes time and effort to connect with your customers to make collection calls or to spend the time adding further charges manually. How much time does it take to handle these things every month? We’d expect at least 20 hours or so, time that could be better spent on many other tasks. Luckily, there is a better way to handle late payments and late fee management.

Automating the process of adding late fees and sending payment reminders gets your invoices paid fast!If your business uses Xero or QuickBooks, Late Fee Manager is an easy to use solution that will get you paid more seamlessly and much more quickly. The system will automatically send late notices and add late fees to invoices. Even better, it will continue adding more late charges until the invoice is paid, encouraging your customers to prioritize payments to your business. Of course, if they still choose to pay slowly, you will earn more in late fees.

Most customers just need a gentle nudge in the form of automatic payment reminders to spur them to take action and handle their outstanding bills. Payment reminders give them that encouragement without any embarrassment or hassle.

So, get rid of that stack of overdue invoices without spending an afternoon making uncomfortable collection calls. Instead, stabilize your cash flow with the automated Late Fee Manager software that helps you get paid on time! Or, get paid more if they don’t pay quickly!