Automate Late Fees With QuickBooks and Xero

Stop wasting time chasing past due invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees using your invoice due dates

5 of the Latest and Greatest Accounting Tools

Small business owners sometimes need to wear all the hats in their business, and they have many different tasks to handle. Worse yet, accounting is the task that most business people will tell you is their least favorite thing to do. Obviously, tracking expenses, figuring out payroll and taxes, and every bookkeeping task in between
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5 Essential Strategies for Improving Your Business Cash Flow

Keeping clients happy is an important part of helping a company thrive. Another key element is properly managing your cash flow. When you provide products or services to clients and customers, they should pay your company in a timely and efficient manner. Otherwise, you’ll spend precious time chasing invoices, sending reminders, calculating late fees and
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How to Get Rid of Start and Stop Cash Flow

Running a business is not for the faint of heart, with a third of small businesses failing in their first two years. The reason for that failure? The vast majority have cash flow problems that are too much to overcome. When you’re a small business, even one late payment can have a major effect and make it
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Keep Business Cash Flowing Smoothly With No Extra Effort

Nearly all businesses rely on smooth cash flow to keep things running. However, we know that the average number of days for payment of business invoices sent out by QuickBooks is 60 days. That is totally unacceptable and these slow payments cause a bottleneck in most company’s finances. In fact, this cash flow issue can
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